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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Why Do Some Children Have Hospital Dental Surgeries?

What is Hospital Dentistry and Why Would It Be Recommended?

For many pediatric patients who need dental treatment, traditional treatment in the office setting is not an option due to their particular needs.  These needs range from complex medical conditions, dental anxiety, or simply the young age of the patient.  Dr. Rohner makes recommendations for a child’s dental care on an individual case by case basis with input from the child’s parents and the child’s physicians which Dr. Rohner communicates with closely. 

For children in these particular situations, Dr. Rohner provides dental treatment in the operating room at the One Day Surgery Center at Children’s of Alabama. Dr. Rohner has been treating patients at Children’s of Alabama (COA) since 1998.  Dr. Rohner is an Active Medical Staff member within the Surgery Service/ Division of Dentistry/Oral Surgery at Children’s of Alabama. 

Dr. Rohner and her assistants go through a rigorous certification process through COA in order to maintain privileges to treat patients there.  Pediatric anesthesiologists administer the anesthesia while Dr. Rohner and her team complete the dental treatment.  This is a similar scenario and similar anesthesia which would be used when children have tonsils removed or ear tubes placed.  Dr. Rohner and her team treat patients regularly in the Operating Room at the One Day Surgery Center at Children’s of Alabama. General anesthesia is a wonderful option for the child with complex dental needs or dental anxiety or the child with special medical needs. Having the procedure completed in the hospital setting make it easier for the child and the parent. We have years of expedience seeing how this keeps young children with a positive attitude toward dentistry instead of an unfavorable one due to unfavorable office visits. Fear of the dental office can be avoided for young, anxious, or special needs children by on simple visit of dental surgery with the aide of general anesthesia in the hospital setting. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

ARPD is Environmentally Friendly

We love to help our patients achieve a happy and a healthy smile. To the surprise of most that’s not all that we care about here at ARPD. We care deeply about the overall health of our patients, our staff members and the environment.  Let us tell you how we work hard to do our part to care for each other and the Earth. Here are a few of the things that we do at ARPD that are good for our patients, their loved ones and the planet!

  1. We use germicidal hand wash and hand sanitizers which eliminate, for the most part, the need for paper towels.  This also minimizes water usage. In order to minimize water consumption and still ensure bactericidal cleaning, we’ve installed medical grade hand sanitizers for use by doctors and staff.
  2. We use digital x-rays. Digital x-rays have the advantage of providing images with a minimum of radiation exposure.  Phosphor plates and digital sensors capture the x-ray image and are then converted into a digital image that can be viewed, manipulated, magnified and stored electronically.  Digital x-rays reduce waste by eliminating film and processing chemicals.
  3. We use a nontoxic dental waterline inhibitor to prevent bacterial growth in line and prevent bacterial transfer to patients or staff members.
  4. Our self-contained dental units use distilled and purified water which cuts down on chemicals transferred to the patient or the environment.  Distilled water lacks minerals which enables our dental units and our dental hand pieces to run more cleanly and energy efficiently.
  5. We use microfiber washable towels for cleaning windows and other housekeeping duties in order to cut down on paper waste.
  6. Our suction line cleaner is biodegradable and dissolves dental buildup in the suction lines allowing our vacuum and vacuum pump to work more effectively for our patients and more energy efficiently.
  7. Rather than using plastic or latex barriers for our equipment, we clean and disinfect our chairs and every surface that is touched by the patient, dentist or hygienist before and after every patient and at the beginning and end of every day. 
  8. We use automated thermostats to maintain a comfortable office temperature more energy efficiently for our patients and our staff members.
  9. Our office staff even operates in a "green" manner by practicing several different eco friendly methods. 
        • We regularly contact junk mail senders and request that they remove us from their databases to cut down on mail waste.
        • We shred and recycle all of our office papers.
        • Our office machine cartridges and toners are recycled.
  10. Our office air fresheners are all natural essential oils and are nontoxic and have also been demonstrated to have some antibacterial and antiviral properties making for a healthier and happier dental atmosphere. No ‘dental office smell’ here! 
These are just the top 10 ways we operate environmentally friendly. Our newest way will be when we complete our office Renovation. We plan to improve our carbon footprint per say! 

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Getting to Know Dr. Rohner, Part I

How else to get to know Dr. Rohner than learn about the two people that made Dr. Rohner who she is today, her parents, The Robinson's!

“Everyone Deserves the Chance to Fly"

My parents, Ray and Pam Robinson, are true lovebirds, soulmates, they are meant to be together forever.   They are absolutely precious and their love for each other is humbling and inspiring.  Short version of their story?  They met in high school, got married while my dad was in the Navy, and have been together ever since!  For my entire life, my parents have been hard workers.  My dad has been a truck driver since his teen years, and recently retired from FedEx, and my mom was a pulmonology nurse for Mobile Infirmary (and yes! She still has her own stethoscope). 

Interesting story about my parents?  They have always said that when they retire… that they were going to sell everything and travel full time.  Well, last July, they did it!  They set out on the open road in their RV, towing a jeep for exploring, and, ever since, they have been having the time of their lives exploring the USA!

Their trips have taken them from their former home in Daphne, Alabama, all the way to Seattle, Washington, and all points in between, around, over and under…   so, here are a few pictures of the first few months of their journey and…here’s to my parents who finally get to ‘fly’ across the open road going wherever the wind takes them.  

Congratulations Mom and Dad!

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